Darts ProShots de darts fotograaf

Darts ProShots is a starting venture which targets photography in the dartssport and is founded by Patrick Krekels.

Patrick Krekels is born on April 12th 1974.

Patrick got interested in darts throughout the year 1995, after seeing the icon Raymond van Barneveld and his performances. The “Dartsbug”hit him. Patrick played in local leagues for a couple of years but never reached any greatness, as a matter of fact his darts are all over the place….

In 2011 he got infected with his second “Bug” Photography which became his second passion.He evolves himself into a recognized modelphotographer with numorous awards to his name, click here, but still he wasn’t happy with his work in this part of photography.Since 2014 Patrick specialized himself in Dartsphotography and this with succes, the dartssite Darts is van Ons met up with Patrick and asked him to work for them.His answer was a fullout yes, this was a chance he was looking for and fullhearted he grabbed this chance.Many photo from Patrick’s hand can be admired on facebookpages from different dartsplayers. Also other websites like dartsnieuws ask repeatedly if Patrick can deliver photographs for them.Recently Dym Good publicised  one of his photo’s on their site.Tamara’s dartshop from Oss asked for promotionalphoto’s to expand their range.As you can read in a short period he has got a wide range of contracts. And alsow Dutch Television RTL 7 and alsow he delivered pictures to Tungstenstories, he have alsow many publication in the local news papers in the Netherlands

Darts Proshots is a freelance venture who works for the benefit of the dartsplayer.The photographs are offered to the dartsplayers who have been photographed. Why you ask? Because we think every dartplayer has the right to be photographed and later on in their career can look back at these pictures with pride.

This venture rests solely on gifts from advertisements and personal funds and is 100% a non-profit venture.If you would like to sponsor this project? For a small amount you can advertise on this popular website, click here for the possibilities and information.